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Welcome to The Passionfruit Man the proud creator of the wonderful dessert beverage - Flora.


Our excellent liqueur is a gentle and refreshing dessert libation which is produced from large, ripe passion fruits grown in Fishbein Farm in moshav Ein Iron.


The Passionfruit Man's gentle liqueur opens the door to a new process of brewing a sweet and fruity flavored dessert beverage. Containing 12% alcohol it preserves the rich flavor of the original fruit along with its medicinal qualities.


With its fun sweet flavor, velvety texture and refreshing natural fruity aroma The Passionfruit Man creates a surprising and exciting atmosphere that elevates any meal or festivity! 


The development process of the liqueur lasted three years. The fruit is harvested on the plantation, then sent to a juice extraction device invented by Shay The Passionfruit Man and his brother Asaf. After extracting the contents of the fruit the seeds are separated from the pulp. The pulp is soaked in alcohol in order to fully extract the natural fruit flavor. Once that process is complete the liquid goes through a filtering series until all that remains is a lucid richly flavored and scented liqueur. 


The Passionfruit Man is a quality boutique winery with valid work permits including a permit from the ministry of health. The liqueur is Kosher and Kosher for Passover under the supervision of Rabbi Stern, the Menashe Regional Rabbinate, Kfar Pines.

In 2012 the The Passion Fruit Man’s liqueur won the gold medal in the TERRAVINO competition.


The liqueur's "bewitching flavor" (according to Avi Etgar, Radio announcer) has gained the attention of culinary circles in gourmet wine exhibitions. Today the beverage is sold in boutique shops and farmers markets across Israel and is served in restaurants, bars, retreats and hotels.


For more information please contact:

        Shay Fishbein


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PssionFruit Man

En Iron 3791000 ISRAEL

Tel: 952-52-7543000

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